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Fedora Prime’s C.E.O. has over 20 years experience in business management, most of which has been spent telecommuting. We bring that experience, knowledge, and wisdom to you, combine it with our professional I.T. Infrastructure and bring you the tools you need to succeed!

Work from Home

We have partenered with the nation’s top Fortune 500 companies to bring you the opportunity to work from home, and the flexibility you may require. 

Free Business Class Phone Service

Our agents get access to Business Class phone service free! We have partnered with Tier 1 Telephone Companies to get wholesale rates we pass on to our agents lowering your phone bill & maximizing your profits! 

Virtual Team Building

Working from home can get lonely, and we recognize the importance of feeling like you’re part of a team. As one of our agents, you will enjoy access to many virtual team building events including games, trips to virtual Amusement Parks and even watching the latest Movies in our Virtual Movie Theater!

Join our team!

We are the best, and we will prove it!

Our C.E.O. has worked in Big Corporate for over 20 years, and has worked from home for over 10. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience dealing with corporate matters.

Fedora Prime LLC is over 10 years old, and a well established company with many different branches.
We have woven those branches together to bring you FedoraCall, the best IBO on the Arise platform!

Step 1: Apply to join our team

Our agents, are our partners, and we select them carefully. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or have no work experience, we consider all applicants.

Check out our FAQ and fill out a short application form to get started.

Step 2: Become an Arise CSP

The next step is to become an Arise Certified Service Professional or CSP. Arise is our partner network that provides the platform needed to service Fortune 500 companies.

While you wait for us to review your application, get the ball rolling at Arise. You will need to pass a simple background check (no credit check required) which costs $9.95 paid directly to the Third-Party Vendor that does the background checks. 

Click “Join a Call Center” at registration and enter IBO #232564

Step 3: Onboarding

Once we review your application and you pass the Arise background check, we will contact you for a formal interview. We will email you a link to schedule your own interview, so keep an eye on the email address you register with and be sure to check your spam folder!

You will receive a call from
(501) 333-9100. Please add it to your phone book so you know it’s us calling!

Happiness is essential!

Are you a current Arise CSP and not getting the support you need from your IBO? Switching to us is easy! Fill out the application in Step 1 above, then click the button below for further instructions.

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Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team brings a lot to the table, including over 20 years experience in web development, game development, financial management, property management and much more!

Mike Noga-Spinetta

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has expertise in multiple arenas ranging from financial to real estate to professional gaming.

He boasts over 20 years of experience in office & property management and is an expert in web and artificial intellience programming.

Patrick Davis-Spinetta

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick is friendly, hardworking, energetic & always willing to help. Patrick is the first point of contact to help our valued agents & customer’s.

Patrick has several years experience working in call centers both real world and virtual & brings that experience to the table to help you succeed!

Chynna Wuest

Virtual World Specialist

Chynna is a fun loving individual with an awesome personality. Chynna is responsible for organizing and managing team building events as well as many other roles within our company.

Chynna is an experienced DJ both in virtual and real worlds & has been a critical part of our success for many years.

Sativa Gudpupi

Registered Service Dog

Sativa is Mike’s Service Dog & takes her job very seriously, keeping Mike safe and healty at all times. She enjoys traveling the world, loves meeting new people & is always ready for the next adventure.

She is an expert in pet toys and ranked as a Top Reviewer in the Pet’s Department on Amazon. 


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Hey, we get it. There are a million work-from-home scams online. We make every effort to be as transparent as possible, and most commonly asked questions can be found on this site but if there’s a question you have that you can’t find the answer to, or even if you just want to say hello, use the form below to contact us!